Tropical Rivers Working Group

International Association of Geomorphologists-IAG

The overall scope of the International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG) working Group: Tropical Rivers -Geomorphology, Impacts, Hazards and Management is the study of morphodynamic processes in tropical rivers and to provide an integrated assessment of long-term direct impacts of climate variability and human-induced change and management of tropical rivers basins by identification, quantification and modeling of key hydro-geomorphologic indicators during the past and present times. The potential impacts of global change on fluvial systems and of their socio-economic implications and flood hazards are also analyzed. Several of the largest and many of the most vulnerable rivers of the world are located in the equatorial and monsoonal region as well as some of the most active areas of fluvial sedimentation and erosion of the planet. We welcome in this working group contributions on the Quaternary history, morphodynamics, hydro-geomorphology, hazards and management of tropical rivers.

Edgardo M. Latrubesse

Jose C. Stevaux
UEM-Maringa State University

Rajiv Sinha
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

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